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The select venues that collaborate with Exclusive Use demonstrate a passion for authenticity and luxury. The Exclusive Use venues are chosen through a personalised and careful Exclusive Use venue selection process in order to provide guests with special moments no other properties can.

We are a small company, and our focus is in the detail. One of our greatest strengths is our trusted and hands-on team who are in the constant care of our partnerships. From visiting the venues for inspection to maintaining close contact with the venue owners, we will go the extra mile to make sure the venue has what it takes to guarantee an unforgettable and uniquely fabulous stay.

Exclusive Use Venues

Out of all the venues that reach out to us, we select partners to join us at Exclusive Use mainly based on the following four points:

Quality and Presentability

We pride ourselves on the quality of our holiday venues. From the interior to the exterior, design and appearance should reflect the uncompromising quality of Exclusive Use venues. We look for unique and innovative homes able to offer guests new and special experiences that they would not get elsewhere.

Exclusive Use Venue selection

Size – Exclusive Use Venue Selection

Size is great but isn’t everything. Most of our venues accommodate 10 + guests, however, a changing landscape has driven more interest in a range of smaller venues. Holiday homes should nonetheless have ample space for the number of guests it houses. Some of our venues can sleep up to 40 guests, with large grounds to host day guests – ideal for large celebrations like weddings.

roaches hall exclusive use venue selection in the Peak District

Location, Location, Location

Location is a quintessential aspect of what constitutes a popular venue. We have urban and rural properties alike, but the location will offer something of value to the holiday house. Successful urban properties will have great locations with quick transport links, as well as close proximity to bars and restaurants. More rural properties will feature beautiful surroundings and access to outdoor activities, whilst still being convenient and reachable.

Facilities & Amenities

Facilities make or break a house. Our venues have a range of enticing features to enrich guests’ experiences. We look for houses with outstanding facilities and amenities that can cater to specific (or a range) of events, including parties, weddings, or family get-togethers. From games rooms, large dining spaces, and indoor fireplaces to hot tubs, indoor or outdoor swimming pools, and tennis courts, anything that could provide specific unique experiences to guests will make your property stand out. Exclusive Use venues have a large range of different facilities, enabling the guest to custom design their stay. Venues catering for hen parties might have dashing interior design, karaoke equipment, and indoor bar space, while a family-oriented house might have a games room, trampolines, and a furnished patio for sunset dinners.

Exclusive Use Venues

Partnership relations

One of the many unique draws to our company is our closely held relationships with our clients. We value this enormously and work on a personal level with our partners. Our team stays in the loop, making ourselves readily available for contact – from chatting to owners about incoming bookings, to actively discussing pricing and advising on how to further promote venues. With each owner we have unique relationships; some prefer more guidance and contact than others.

Exclusive Use looks forward to welcoming you and your lovely home on-board. Why not browse our website for the excellent range of handpicked properties we already have on offer: Exclusive Use

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