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Why exclusive use?  There’s something rather special about having the place to yourself. Privacy, a more relaxed feel and the freedom to create a bespoke event are just a few reasons that spring to mind, but the list goes on. Whether you crave exclusivity, need confidentiality, or just want to move beyond the ordinary, it can all be yours with exclusive use of one of our luxury venues.

Imagine your dream wedding venue, and it’s all yours. Invite your guests to a lavish country house party and make the place your own. Plot your corporate strategy in a private, discreet and secure environment. Incentivise the team on your own estate, with bespoke activities. All you need is exclusive use.

About us

Anyone planning an event, be it a wedding, a party or a corporate event, has a vision, a vision of their event as the best ever and the one their guests never stop talking about. I realised some years ago that one sure-fire way to ensure an unforgettable occasion that’s a huge success is to take over a venue exclusively. Treat the place as your own for the day, week-end or even longer and create a unique and truly exclusive experience, one that will make a lasting impression on your guests.

My desire to make this exclusivity easily available to everyone led me to create an inspiring collection of properties which can be yours, exclusively. This on-going search has uncovered some hidden gems as well as re-inventing perennial favourites.  Read more….

We have created a collection of inspiring properties for private hire. Taking exclusive use of one of these stunning venues will transform any type of event and take it to the next level, whether you are looking for a luxury property to take over for a director’s retreat, a romantic castle for your wedding or a large house for a family party.

Choose from this selection of the finest venues for hire in the UK and beyond, all of which can be exclusively yours, and at the best prices. Whether you are looking for somewhere to work or celebrate, every event is better with exclusive use. Our services are free and we’d love to help.

Scottish exclusive use

Featured Property

Make it more than just an event, make it an experience.

When you stay at this Coastal Tower in Scotland you will certainly be in for a special time.  They are masters of the art of the personal experience, creating bespoke itineraries to suit the occasion, arranging tailor-made activities and treating their guests as members of the family.

This is the place to enjoy the ultimate Scottish experience.  There are ghost tales by candle light, bonfires on the beach, mini highland games and pints at their very own pub.  Add in activities galore, dress up in kilts, dine in style and try a few drams of whisky.  Of course they also offer a variety of excellent event spaces, as well as luxurious bedrooms and elegant sitting rooms.  It really does have everything you need and lots more to ensure a memorable and enjoyable stay – you won’t want to leave!

 Read more about this lovely venue and find out about all the experiences on offer here.

The Season

The English summer season offers sunny days at the races, the opera and more. Dress up and enjoy ….

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