How to Stay Amused on a Rainy Day….

Rainy days

Living in the UK means being constantly prepared for rainy days. Rainy days are just a part and parcel of British life and can be quite exciting when you learn to embrace them. When the weather is not being kind, there are numerous things you can do to stay entertained. If you’ve planned a holiday at one of our immaculate Exclusives Use venues, the facilities in the house are just a starter. You will be in the midst of nature while having access to luxury amenities. Besides the comfort of our venues, we have compiled a list of our favourite things to do on a rainy day. Whether you are with your friends or family, these activities will let you take home memories for a lifetime.


The fun and benefits of playing board games are underrated. Besides having a good laugh and spending quality time with your loved ones, board games are a great way for children (both young and old) to develop certain skills. They pick up on cognitive skills, learn how to focus and play in teams. For adults, board games are also said to be great stress relievers. If this sounds enticing to you, you will be happy to know that many of our Exclusive Use venues come with a selection of board games. Choose your favourite and ignite some healthy competition in your group. All houses come with cosy vibes and perfect communal spaces for the whole family to come together. Many houses also feature open fireplaces which will keep you nice and warm during the colder winters. This creates the perfect setting for a game night!

board games


Rainy days, snacks, and a film…sound like fun? When you’re on holiday, it is all about relaxing and living that laidback lifestyle. Many of our Exclusive Use venues feature cinema rooms which are perfect for you to binge-watch your favourite shows or films. If not cinema rooms, all houses come with flatscreen TVs. There is nothing like getting cosy with your loved ones to enjoy films together, especially in our cosy homes!

cinema rooms


All our Exclusive Use venues come with fully-equipped kitchens. Furthermore, they are clean and come with ample storage and work-surfaces. The home cooks in the group will be more than delighted to cook or bake in these dream kitchens which come with everything you would need to prepare your signature dishes.

We have a rainy day suggestion – why don’t you gather your group and cook/bake all together? Cooking or baking together lets you spend quality time with each other while letting you bond in a special way. Additionally, you will be working together to reach a common goal. For families, this is the perfect way to interact with your children and make beautiful memories. For kids, it is exciting and also helps them develop self skills like measuring, following recipes, and cleaning up. Once you’re done, you all get to enjoy something tasty all together while chit-chatting and having a good laugh!

family holidays


If you’re visiting one of our Exclusive Use venues from a city, taking a walk through the countryside will be more than invigorating. The earthy scents, the muddy puddles, and the swaying trees have their own charm. Furthermore, this will be your chance to appreciate being surrounded by nature’s calls and luscious greenery. All of our homes are situated in beautiful locations near market towns that are definitely worth exploring. There are several gardens, historic monuments, and loads of walking, hiking, and cycling routes. The little ones will have a blast finding secret spots in the woods and splashing in puddles. This might be your chance to spend quality time with them in a way you wouldn’t be able to in your daily lives.

rainy day walks


Autumn is here and winter is just around the corner. It’s that time of the year when there is nothing better than snuggling up with your loved ones in front of an open fire and sharing fun stories while having a laugh. What sets the mood, even more, is the sound of the rain pouring outside. Our venues are stunning, with lots of character, and many feature fireplaces. There are comfy sofas you can sink into, and cosy reception rooms that provide you with the perfect environment for storytelling. Share your favourite memories, maybe some spooky stories, and enjoy with your loved ones!

indoor fireplaces

So when you check the weather app and see rainy days in the forecast, do not worry. Engage in the above activities and you’ve got yourselves a memorable time with your loved ones. So hurry up and plan your holiday with us!

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