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Corporate events are an important date within any company’s annual calendar. It’s a time when workers can celebrate their achievements while your clients can be impressed by recent innovations. As such, it’s important to hire a venue that has both the facilities and the aesthetic that your event requires. At Exclusive Use, we have an extensive list of luxury venues for corporate events in the UK, from large estates in the countryside to grand manor houses steeped in history. We aim to offer you the best possible exclusive use venue for your event.

Regardless of what you type of event you intend to hold, be it a corporate retreat, a conference or an annual work Christmas party, we’re sure we have a venue to suit your needs. Our venues for corporate events in the UK are conveniently located all across the country, offering easy access from most major cities via road or rail.

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Corporate events can be hosted to benefit clients, stakeholders, employees or the public and can encompass a broad range of activities. Perhaps you plan to hold an offsite company event or corporate meeting? With Exclusive Use you can invite teams from across the country, or even the world, to come together in one place. Our venues will provide you with superb reception rooms to discuss ideas and hold strategy sessions. We have a wide variety of exclusive use company offsite locations of varying capacities, all with the ability to accommodate guests overnight.

Hosting a conference is an excellent way to interact with clients. Here you can unveil new products, better educate delegates on your business model or report on company finances and earnings forecasts. When choosing a luxury corporate event venue for your conference, it’s important to not only pick somewhere with the amenities you require but to also choose a place that will impress your guests. A well-selected venue will bestow a sense of exclusivity upon your attendees.

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Corporate event venues with accommodation

Corporate retreats are another great type of corporate event. You could consider organising team-building activities where employees can have fun or relax. Team-building events can facilitate a strong sense of camaraderie and can leave your team with fantastic memories. After the activities, you can sit down for a corporate meeting and then dine all of your guests together and enjoy a nightcap before taking a rest in their comfortable beds. Many of our venues for corporate events in the UK come with a number of bedrooms and the ability to sleep large groups of people whilst maintaining the privacy required by corporate guests.

If you’re looking for a celebration venue that can host a big corporate party, you’ll be able to find plenty of exclusive venues with large private gardens perfect for the office summer party. Inside these prestigious grounds, you have plenty of room to set up a marquee with a temporary bar and music. If you want to throw the annual corporate Christmas party, the majority of our properties have large reception rooms with sound systems, bars, games rooms, and much more. So why not make your Christmas party one to remember?

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