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Team building, conferences, corporate away days … A corporate event is an important date within any company’s annual calendar. Thinking up corporate event ideas and finding impressive corporate event venues is paramount to your success. These are the times when workers can celebrate their achievements, while your clients catch up on recent innovations. As such, it’s important to hire a venue that has both the facilities and the aesthetics to accommodate all your corporate event ideas. Planning a number of corporate team-building activities that require some outdoor space? Perhaps you need a manor house to act as a conference centre? At Exclusive Use, we have an extensive list of corporate event venues throughout the UK. From large estates in the countryside to grand manor houses steeped in history.

It could be that you’ve always planned your corporate retreats in London and are looking to change things up. Maybe you have a knack for planning corporate team-building activities, but fancy a new location. Regardless of what you’re planning, a corporate conference or a Christmas party, we’re sure we have a venue to suit your needs. Our corporate event venues in the UK offer easy access from most major cities via road or rail. We offer the best possible Exclusive Use venues for your for a diversity of events. Step out of the conference centre, get out of the board room, and book your team building getaway with Exclusive Use today.

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A world of corporate events:

Types of events:

There are a number of reasons for hosting corporate events. These events strive to benefit clients, stakeholders, employees and even the public. They encompass a broad range of activities, with focus on topics from trust and teamwork to investing in new innovations.

The nature of your event will determine many factors in the planning stage. If you’re planning an extravagant team building weekend, packed with corporate team building activities, you’ll want something with enough space to do this.

Appropriate venues:

Properties such as Toft Estate and Hamps Hall and Barn are perfect in this case. Boasting expansive grounds, it is possible to organise all sorts of physical activities within the grounds. Alternatively, if you are hosting a product launch or conference in need of a conference centre, your priorities will vary.

In this case, you may opt for an options such as Regal Manor or Kingsly Hall. These venues offer grand, historic ballrooms that will set a regal tone to your pitches and presentations.

How we help:

These are but a few examples of our many corporate event venues. With Exclusive Use you can invite teams from across the country, or even the world, to come together in one place. By bringing everyone together beneath one roof, you create a unique opportunity for new connections to blossom.

Our venues will provide you with superb reception rooms to discuss ideas and hold strategy sessions. Our wide variety of Exclusive Use venues cater to varying capacities, and all accommodate guests overnight.

Corporate conferences

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Corporate event venues with accommodation

Corporate retreats are another great type of corporate event. You could consider organising team-building activities where employees can have fun or relax. Team-building events can facilitate a strong sense of camaraderie and can leave your team with fantastic memories. At the end of the day, sit down for a corporate meeting before a shared dining experience. End the night with a nightcap before retiring to cosy bedrooms to rest for the following day. Many of our venues feature a large number of bedrooms. This allows them to sleep large groups of people, whilst maintaining the privacy required by corporate guests.

If you’re looking for a venue to host a big corporate party, you’ll find plenty of exclusive venues with large private gardens. These particular venues are perfect for summer office parties and corporate team-building activities. Additionally, these prestigious grounds have plenty of room to set up a marquee with a temporary bar and music. So why not make your Christmas party one to remember?

Unique corporate team building activities:

Finding a venue is only one component of planning a corporate event. What activities you do during your time together will form an important part of how your event is received. Corporate team building is a surefire way to strengthen bonds between you and your colleagues. Team-building activities, such as sports matches, group puzzles or scavenger hunts, are a great way to achieve this. There are a number of unique ideas for corporate team building that will set your event apart. Additionally, concierge companies can help to organise events on your behalf. This spares you a lot of time and effort and ensures a seamless occasion with no hiccups.

Conference Centres:

Exclusive Use offers a remarkable array of accommodations with conference centres. Our conference venues are meticulously chosen to provide both essential amenities for productive meetings and captivating aesthetics that everyone will remember forever. From serene countryside estates to historically rich grand manor houses, our portfolio ensures a diverse range of options. Whether you’re planning a large-scale corporate retreat, an essential business conference, or a festive annual Christmas party, our venues cater to your every need. Strategically located with easy access from major cities via road or rail, our conference centres offer superb reception rooms for brainstorming and strategy sessions. Elevate your corporate conference with Exclusive Use, and let our venues bestow an unmistakable sense of exclusivity upon your esteemed guests.

Impressive and Impactful

Hosting a conference is an excellent avenue for engaging with clients. It provides a platform to unveil new products, educate delegates on your business model, or present company financials and earnings forecasts. When selecting a luxury corporate event venue for your conference, it’s not just about finding a place with all the necessary amenities. It is also about choosing a venue that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. A well-chosen venue elevates your occasion into a prestigious event, creating a memorable experience for all.

Our conference venues offer state-of-the-art technology to ensure seamless presentations and discussions. High-speed internet, audiovisual equipment, and comfortable seating arrangements are just some of the features you can expect. Moreover, our venues offer versatile spaces, allowing you to host breakout sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities. The picturesque surroundings of our venues also provide the perfect backdrop for networking and relaxation during breaks.

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Corporate event ideas:

Thinking up unique and memorable corporate event ideas can be a challenge. These events are important, and as such, it’s imperative that everything runs smoothly. Booking an overnight venue for corporate away days automatically takes your event to the next level. As far as corporate event ideas go, this is a truly solid starting point. Our venues create a unique opportunity to create an event that is truly out of the ordinary. Between gourmet dinners and regal conference centres, corporate away days take these events to the next level.

Corporate away days:

There is no denying that getting out of town is always a welcome activity. The same applies when it comes to corporate events. Turning your event into a corporate away day, or possibly even a weekend, is a truly unique way to host a memorable event. Corporate away days allow you to step out of the usual routine, and connect in a new environment. There are so many incredible options when it comes to event venues. Naturally, it makes sense to really take the time to enjoy these spaces. A corporate away day or weekend getaway gives you an opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the occasion. It gives you a chance to get your colleagues thinking differently and to strengthen their relationships with one another. Most importantly, a corporate away day takes your event out of the office and turns it into something special.

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