Team Building Activities at Your Exclusive Use Venue

Team-Building-Activities at Your Exclusive Event Venue

Businesses and corporates have been working for years to shift away from competitive work environments. We’re heading towards collaborating workplaces that allow coworkers to achieve their goals and objectives together as a team. Here, at Exclusive Use, we have been working with some of the best UK activity providers to offer the best most popular team activities in our exclusive event venues.

The term “team building” has in the past decade become widely spread. Nowadays it’s applied even in companies’ values and culture. Corporate team building events are truly a great way for teams to come together, work, and develop their skills and grow as a team rather than as an individual.

Virtual Team Building Activities

The worldwide 2020 pandemic has (among other things) really challenged the idea that for work, people need to be physically present. As many of us were forced to work remotely while companies still want to ensure a strong company culture, many companies have begun implementing remote or virtual team building activities. Online team activities are fun in and of themselves but combined with your team beating the managerial team, you’re sure to have a barrel of laughs!

Team-Building-Activities at Your Exclusive Event Venue

Our remote & online building activity providers such as Escape Team Events offer lots of fun activities! Choose from games such as Weakest Link, Pickled Bingo, Comedy Shows, Cocktail Making, Live Music Quiz, Virtual Escape Games, and much more!

Murder Mystery and Escape Rooms

In reality, corporate team building events go beyond just having fun with colleagues. They can lead to an increase in the productivity of its participants by learning how to work together more effectively. Colleagues participating in team-building activities such as Murder Mystery and Escape games will need to put their heads together to achieve the desired outcome. These types of collaborations have been proven to increase productivity and will help your team hit its monthly targets.

Murder Mystery

Grand Casino Nights

Grand Casino Nights can be hosted while staying at some of our exclusive large group accommodations. This is a great indication of your coworker’s determination and competitiveness. Take a look at our Exclusive Use venue hires to host your company’s very own Casino Night for your next corporate event.

Drinks, drinks, and more drinks

Cocktail making, Gin, Wine or Whiskey Tasting, are all lovely team building ideas! They present the perfect opportunity for the team to loosen up and get to know each other better. Enjoy delicious cocktails and start creating new friendships! After the cocktail making, we suggest you bring in a caterer to help the slight tipsiness and the hungry tummies.

team building activities

Treasure Hunts

Another great way to get to know your colleagues and teammates better is by taking part in a treasure hunt activity! The physical and virtual version of this game will have you working together as a team. Find clues to solve, places to go next, all while collecting prizes along the way. Such activities will boost your team’s communication and leadership skills. They also induce creativity by encouraging you to think outside the box and go after the common goal together. Exclusive Use offers a long list of venues where you can host your treasure hunt event with your colleagues and employees.

Outdoor Corporate Team Building Activities

An additional way to lift the team’s spirit during a corporate company event is by going laser clay shooting or trying archery with your team! Target sports are a great idea for a fun activity where everyone can participate without the need for athletic abilities. This idea works best on a warm, sunny day! You and your colleagues can enjoy a day in the great outdoors while working alongside each other to attain your targets. Another great outdoor activity that everyone can participate in is Bodyzorb Football. This team building activity is wonderful as it gets the teammates out of their comfort zones. Set up plans and strategies to score and have lots of fun and laughter while playing your game. We can help you set up all of these mentioned outdoor activities plus many more such as Paintball, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Zorbing, and Segway Tours! A day full of activities and a catered evening will ensure your next corporate event is a hit! Enjoy your stay at one of our Exclusive Use venues!

Looking for ideas for your next team building event? Get in touch with our lovely agents who will be happy to help!

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