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We are a young dynamic customer-focused team that loves finding the perfect venue for our guests. We’ll make sure to get a full understanding of each of our client’s specific desires and requests. When we suggest an Exclusive Use venue we know it’s the right fit.


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Experience in running large group accommodation


As we run and manage a number of our own venues we understand the challenges of running a large group holiday accommodation. This is why you can be sure we will always make sure to give you only the best possible enquiries. For instance, we don’t allow groups younger than 25. We also ask venue owners to specify which groups they’d like to welcome at their venue and send them only corresponding enquiries. When you’ll advertise with us, we will work with you to welcome guests who will appreciate your holiday accommodation and will want to explore it further. Learn more about our team.

Each venue owner is different and thus we’re always flexible in discussing your booking T&Cs. We have 2 main approaches, we either make the booking via our booking platform or in case of larger venues which demand bespoke quotes, we will connect the guest yourselves so that you can arrange a viewing, suggest your caterers & activity providers and take the booking.

Some key reasons why homeowners love working with us

Secure and safe bookings – using Supercontrol, we can enable direct bookings, making the booking process fast and easy. We won’t confirm any booking before confirming it with you. Alternatively, if you prefer speaking to the guest, we can forward their enquiry to you when they’re ready to book.

Mid-week bookings – many companies, hiking, cycling, wellness, meditation, and yoga retreat groups reach out to Exclusive Use looking for private, interesting, and unique stays. This enables them to enjoy their venue exclusively while being able to bring in a caterer or an activity provider on-site.

Low-season bookings – as we receive enquiries all year round for several different stays, we can help to fill up those low season empty spaces, keeping your business running all year around.


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“We love working with the Exclusive Use team as they are practical, professional, friendly, and hard-working. It’s a combination we find hard to find in other agencies.” 

– Mark & Michelle 


Exclusive Use Venues

“Ever since we started working with Exclusive Use, we’ve been very pleased with the results. They cater to our type of guests, they’re quick at solving problems, they ask all the right questions, and they are a very friendly team. In order to have a great understanding of our property, they took the time to come and visit. They have a clear idea of our facilities and features which is evident when they’re in conversation with guests. I am very comfortable working with them and I love the results!”

– Kildare 

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