Lifting Our Spirits in a Country Cottage

Lifting Our Spirits in a Country Cottage

There are many studies that prove the various therapeutic benefits of being in contact with nature, both physically and mentally. If we immerse ourselves in beautiful landscapes, like walking along a coastline or in a forest full of greenery, it will help us to feel energised and even more positive. Might a rural retreat at a country cottage be what you are looking for?

At Party Houses, our self-catered and rural exclusive venues are located throughout the whole of the UK. Now, with discounted prices for smaller groups, you are able to indulge in the beautiful nature that Britain is home to. From opening the window of a country cottage to smell the scent of fresh rain, to the morning light streaming through the leaves around you. These surroundings will no doubt boost your well-being in nothing but positive ways.

Ideas for your exclusive rural getaway?

Take your family to one of our beach villas on the British coastline with private access to the beach, or to the Welsh countryside and explore the enchanting hills. From hiking in the Peak District to bird watching in the Cornwall countryside, active getaways usually go hand in hand with a dose of fresh air. Ideal for anyone looking to reduce stress and recharge batteries!

6 people venues

Country Cottages for all occasions!

We have exclusive use venues for all occasions. Not only ones that immerse you in the green landscapes, but include on site facilities too. Enjoy a wide range of options, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, private fields and more. Our venues can organise onsite activities in the grounds and gardens of your exclusive country cottage. From feeding animals, cycling, long muddy walks and cosy fires, we are here to offer you endless choice for your country cottage getaway. Making hen and stag parties, celebrations, or family holidays, especially unique by optimising the benefits of the natural landscapes of Britain.


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