2021 Wedding Trends

2021 wedding

Wedding trends are always changing over time as fashion advances and people’s tastes evolve. If you’re planning your 2021 wedding, we at Exclusive Use have put together a must-have list of the predicted direction of the wedding industry for the upcoming year! Depending on these 2021 wedding trends, you can already begin the mesmerising process of planning your dream wedding!

An Intimate Affair – Less is more

2021 wedding celebrations are likely to be more informal and relaxed. This means that intimate gatherings will be the preference for most brides and grooms. Couples will want to be surrounded by friends and family closest to them. This way they can spend quality time with each guest while cleverly sparing themselves unnecessary expenses. This will also be a more personal experience overall and give the couple a calmer planning process.

Modern or Contemporary? We think both!

Luckily we are living in a time where we have the freedom to tailor-make our special day. You want to please your grandmother but you also have the desire to have your wedding unique and up to the latest wedding trends. A 2021 wedding would more likely combine the two by maybe highlighting family heirlooms, using traditional marriage vows and complementing this with a more modern design or venue.

Fewer Guests Means a Little More Extravagance

An intimate affair is fine, but this doesn’t go to say that your 2021 wedding will be any less extravagant. We are foreseeing that 2021 wedding trends will include quite the lavish setting. Couples will be saving up on guests but spending more on the surroundings, location and experience. We’re talking large centrepieces, stunning lighting, lovely flower decor, and a luxury Exclusive Use venue.

2021 wedding

Bridal Gowns – Simplicity is Bliss

Simple gowns are seen as chic, modern and elegant. We’re predicting that brides will bid goodbye to frills and go for a more sophisticated look. Complement your long and sleek dress that beautifully opens up the back with a simple veil.

Food & Beverages – Elegance is Key

The food & drinks at a wedding are always an expression of the bride’s and groom’s personality. A 2021 wedding is likely to include more canapés and ors d’œuvres along with custom made cocktails to match the colour of your decorations. Buffets are going to be shirked as couples become more conscious about the amounts of wasted food. Instead of wine and champagne, we’re looking at unique cocktail bars (such as retro food trucks) which have lately seemed to be preferred by guests.

Secluded Luxury Accommodation in the Countryside

Hiring an Exclusive venue for weddings is becoming increasingly popular. We are expecting 2021 weddings to involve more of micro weddings that go on all weekend. This way you can celebrate for longer with your loved ones and enjoy quality time with each other. It is also very cost-effective as you can hire a lavish venue with top-notch facilities and lots of space and have everything to yourselves for the weekend. Best part, this usually works out much cheaper than renting out a traditional wedding venue.

countryside weddings

Entertainment is Key

A 2021 wedding is going to be more focused on the overall experience of the guests. This could include anything from great live music, a DJ, fortune tellers, palm readers or anything that is likely to engage guests.

Now that you’ve caught up on the 2021 wedding trends, you can start planning your big day! If you need any help finding a fabulous wedding venue, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by sending us an email on enquiries@exclusiveuse.com.

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